The Big Green Egg is a kamado style barbecue made from ceramics, which is not really a new idea. Kamado is a traditional Japanese wood fired oven made of clay, and the Japanese have been using them for about 3,000 years. Unlike the Japanese kamados, the Big Green Egg is manufactured from ceramics, known for high heat resistance, allowing it to easily reach temperatures north of 1000F. The thick ceramic walls are also excellent insulators, meaning the Egg can maintain rock steady temperatures for hours on end and consume a relatively small amount of charcoal in the process. The Big Green Egg is touted as the “ultimate cooking experience” because it can do it all; grill at high heat, smoke low n’ slow, bake, roast, and everything in between.
How the Big Green Egg Works
The Big Green Egg is like any other charcoal grill, just much better. One of the main advantages the Big Green Egg has over the competition is temperature control. Once the charcoal is lit, the cooking temperature is controlled by regulating the flow of air though the Draft Door (at the bottom of the Egg) and the Daisy Wheel (at the top of the Egg). Simply let more air in to increase the temperature, and reduce the air flow to decrease it. Once you have reached your target cooking temperature, leave the Draft Door and Daisy Wheel in place and the temperature shouldn’t budge. The combination of regulated air flow and excellent heat retention results in consistent cooking temperatures that requires very little charcoal to sustain.

The Big Green Egg as a Grill
With the Big Green Egg you can grill at high temperatures for the perfect sear on your steak, burgers and pork chops. Don’t worry; it is also very easy to grill at lower temperatures too. Grill your favorite seafood or vegetables without worrying that they will dry out. The thick ceramic walls of the Egg are excellent for moisture retention, and ensure that your food will come out amazing. It’s no joke, everything I have grilled on the BGE has turned out to be the best of that thing I’ve ever had (chicken, salmon, steak…the list goes on).

The Big Green Egg as a Smoker
Not only can the Egg maintain extremely high temperature, it can maintain temperatures as low as 200F for up to 24 hours without needing to refill with charcoal! Use the Plate Setter accessory to create an indirect heat source that is perfect for true barbecue. This gives a whole new meaning to “low n’ slow,” and makes smoking brisket, ribs, or pork shoulders a breeze. Because the Egg is so fuel efficient, you won’t have to reload it with charcoal even during an overnight cook. To me, the Egg’s ability as a smoker is what makes it so amazing. Anyone with a Weber can grill some steaks or chicken, but they can’t smoke a pork shoulder overnight.

The Big Green Egg as an Oven
Setting up your Egg for indirect cooking is not just for low ‘n slow. You can still crank up the heat and turn your Egg into an outdoor oven. Turn out authentic “brick oven” style pizzas with ease or roast a Thanksgiving Day turkey. You can cook all the same stuff you would cook in your normal oven, but it comes out tasting much better if you use your Big Green Egg.