The Claim:

  • Fits BGE sizes Medium, Large & XL
  • New tapered vent design for precise low temperature control
  • Fits securely. Will not fall off or break
  • Maintains vent settings when grill is opened and closed
  • Will not rust. Cook in rain or snow, all weather cap
  • Stainless steel 304 Grade replaces Daisy Wheel & porcelain cap

Product Information:
The SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap is made of 304 Stainless Steel, and will ship with 3 main components; 1) the Cap, 2) the Base and 3) the felt gasket. Also included are assembly instructions and some advertisement coupons. This product is a direct replacement for the original BGE Daisy Wheel and porcelain cap. The SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap this article discusses will fit a Medium, Large, and XL Big Green Egg.

This Smokeware Chimney Cap is made of Stainless Steel and will become hot once the grill is heated. Do not touch any part of the metal once the grill is heated, use the rubber tab, a high temperature approved glove or a cooking utensil to adjust the vent setting.

Why I Bought My SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap:
I was planning on cooking a couple of pork shoulders for a weekend get together, but the forecast called for rain. I was intent on cooking and didn’t want a little rain to ruin my weekend plans. I searched from some homemade options but could not land on anything that I really wanted to use as permanent solution to this common problem. So, I purchased the SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap.

What’s Good About the SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap:
The “claim” is dead on, in my experience. This will allow you to confidently cook in any weather conditions. There were no issues with those pork shoulders I cooked for friends, even though it rained for several hours during the cook. The temperature was stable, and no rainwater got in my Egg! I am extremely pleased with the performance after several more cooks. Since this product is made of stainless steel, it should never rust. I am happy to be finished with a rusted shut Daisy Wheel (we’ve all had that happen, right?).

I have also tested to make sure that when I open my Egg, the Cap does not fall off and the vents stay in the position I had them in. Both are things I would expect to be true, and they are. There is some measure of comfort knowing that once you get your vents to the proper setting, they won’t budge unless you move them yourself.

Even though it requires some assembly to install, the installation is very simple and took me about 10 minutes (mostly because I wanted to document it!). If you are worried about the complexity of the installation, don’t. If you can cut a piece of felt gasket to size, you can install the SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap.

And while not the expressed purpose, I really think the stainless steel cap looks much cooler than the cast iron Daisy Wheel. But I guess that’s personal preference.

What’s Not So Good About the SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap:
There is one main issue I have with this product. I am used to grilling on the Big Green Egg using the standard Daisy Wheel to control the temperature. After several years of temperature control using the Daisy Wheel, trying to adjust to the SmokeWare Vented Chimney Cap threw me for a small loop. I am definitely going through that period of “re-learning” how to set the vents for specific temperatures. I guess it is to be expected, but it is certainly worth mentioning that you may have a few trial and errors before you get used to the vent.

And similar to the cast iron Daisy Wheel, this product gets hot during a cook. There is a cautionary statement above, and it may be obvious to some, but it still is a negative feature. While there really is no way around it, it would be much nicer if the rubber tab used to manipulate the vents was larger. I have definitely still felt some heat coming through, even though I was using the rubber tab. My advice would be to use some sort of glove or tool to manipulate the vents during a cook. Better safe than sorry!