In general, the Big Green Egg is extremely safe when used properly! But one mistake every Egger makes, and only makes once, is forgetting to “burp” the Egg. If you open the lid too quickly, the sudden rush of oxygen will cause a giant flashback and singe your arm hair (or worse!).

“Once an EGG is lit, always vent or “burp” it before opening the dome fully by cracking it a few times about an inch or two first – this allows the incoming air to enter slowly and helps avoid a flashback. Use extra caution when opening a hot EGG with closed vents. If you have a flame flare-up – close the lid and close the air vents to control the flame, and use extreme caution when re-opening your EGG. It is always advisable to wear heat protective gloves.”

When you FORGET to Burp the Egg:
My friend Roman over at the Big Green Asian Egg did a nice public service announcement about what can happen if you do NOT “burp” the Egg. The Big Green Egg can reach extremely high temperatures when grilling and the danger presented by a flashback is real. Please note Roman did this on purpose to demonstrate how dangerous this situation is. Do NOT attempt to copy this, or do this for fun! It’s really dangerous!

The Wrong Way to Burp an Egg

The RIGHT Way to Burp the Egg:
Here’s a nice clip that demonstrates the correct and safe way to “burp” the Big Green Egg. Always remember to wear the proper gloves when grilling, especially at high temperatures. If you don’t own a nice pair of grilling gloves, you owe it to yourself (and your arm hair) to get some. Stay safe out there, and keep on Eggin!

Do you have a question, or another important Big Green Egg safety tip? If so, please let me know!