The Claim:

The THM-362 is a digital temperature probe with a programmable timer. The THM-362 offers an extra large LCD for easy reading, meat/taste done-ness buttons and a memory function to recall the last-used temperature. Withstands a temperature range of 32F – 392F.
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Why I Bought My Polder Probe:
The Polder THM-362 was one of the first Big Green Egg accessories I purchased. I had owned my Egg for only a short while before I wanted to try to smoke a brisket, but to do that I needed something to monitor the internal temperature. My online research and price comparisons led me to purchase this particular probe. It wasn’t too expensive, and had very positive user reviews. I’m glad I purchased it because it’s working out really well for me.

What’s Good About Polder Probes:
The Polder THM-362 allows you to monitor the temperature easily, accurately, and even allows you to recall your previous settings. I love my Polder because it allows me to monitor my cooks without having to open the Egg and use an instant read thermometer. This keeps the Egg temperature stable, and results in more consistent cooks. Having a temperature probe simply takes the guess work out of your cooks, which is something I love.

The interface is pretty simple to use and it only took a few minutes to get up and running. The THM-362 offers “taste/doneness buttons” to easily program to specific temperatures. I can select the meat I am cooking then select the doneness I want, and the Polder will automatically program the alarm to the appropriate temperature. The feature I use the most is the manual program feature. Instead of selecting a meat/doneness, I simply program the alarm to sound at my desired temperature.

The Polder THM-362 is extremely accurate. I have owned mine for over a year, used it for dozens of cooks, and it still reads perfectly. You can check the accuracy of your probe by placing it in a pot of boiling water. My probe read 212F, dead on accurate.

I’m not the only one that thinks the Polder is great. It was awarded Good Housekeepings “Good Buy” award!

What’s Not So Good About Polder Probes:
The worst thing about the THM-362 is that the probes are FRAGILE! Let’s face it, temperature probes are sensitive equipment and these probes are no different. You need to treat them with care, or they will break. I always shield the wires with aluminum foil, I am extremely careful not to submerge the probe in water, and only use them when I cook at low temperature. Even still, I have owned my THM-362 for over a year, and already have had one probe die on me.

They do sell replacement probes at about $10.00 each, but that’s not a sustainable solution. I am currently experimenting with heat shrink tubing along the probe to protect the wiring. Heat shrink is commonly used in electrical applications to protect wires and solder joints against damage via heat, moisture, etc.

The weakness seems to be where the wiring goes into the metal probe, so if that is wrapped in heat shrink it should be more durable. My plan is to heat shrink the probe joint and the entire length of wire that will be in the Egg. I will try this out for a few cooks and update this post with my findings.

The Bottom Line On Polder Probes:
Let’s face it. If you own a Big Green Egg, you need to know the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking. For cooks like brisket or pulled pork owning a temperature probe isn’t really an option, it’s necessary. For the money, the Polder THM-362 is an extremely accurate digital thermometer that’s easy to use. And while maybe a little too fragile, it has potential workarounds to increase its durability. It has done extremely well for me in the time I have owned it and if my probe were to break, I would definitely go buy another one.