The Claim: 

“If you like ignition at the click of a finger, then try our Electric Charcoal Starter. This handy device, with a heat resistant handle, will have you cooking in minutes without even striking a match!”

Product Information:
The Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Starter will ignite your lump charcoal in about 8 minutes (see the video at the bottom of the page). But the most important characteristic of the Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Starter is its length. The electrical cord is about 28 inches long, so unless you have an outlet within that distance you will need an extension cord. The handle is made of heat resistant plastic but it will get hot if you leave the tool in the charcoal too long (so be careful!) There is a small metal “kick-stand” that allows you to safely set the red-hot tool down after use.

Why I Bought My Electric Charcoal Starter:
I bought the Big Green Egg Electric Coal Starter as a replacement for the Fire Starter Blocks. I was tired of having to run to the store and buy box after box of the Starter Blocks, and every time I wanted to grill I had to make sure I had a block handy (or back to the store I went). I had considered buying an Electric Charcoal Starter as soon as I got my Big Green Egg, but there wasn’t an electrical outlet near my grill at the time. I wasn’t in the mood just yet to mess around with extension cords and the like. I later moved to a new apartment, which conveniently had an outlet right next to my grill. This was a good enough excuse to go and pick up the Big Green Egg Electric Coal Starter. I really glad I did, because it works perfectly and I never have to go buy another Starter Block again! Currently my Egg is set up is far from an outlet, but since I have come to rely on the Electric Starter I don’t mind using an extension cord these days.

What’s Good About the Electric Charcoal Starter:
Using the Electric Coal Starter could not be easier. Just bury the coil into the coals, plug it in, leave the Big Green Egg open, and walk away. That’s it! Ten minutes later your coals are ready to go. In the rare case where 10 minutes doesn’t do the trick, just wait a few more minutes. You’ll never need to “get another block” again, it simply always works. Ever since using the Big Green Egg Electric Coal Starter I haven’t even thought about Starter Blocks. As long as there’s an outlet near my grill, I’m not looking back. I have read reports of people getting only a few uses out of these before they break. I find the opposite to be true; this is a well built product that will last. I have used mine for well over a year, pretty consistently, and it’s still going strong.

What’s Not So Good About the Electric Charcoal Starter:
Even though the Electric Coal Starter is great, I must mention a few drawbacks and safety concerns I have. Obviously, you need an electrical outlet to use this product. I think if you need an extension cord to reach your grill it takes away from the ease of use. Finding and plugging in the extension cord every time you want to grill can be a hassle, so you should consider that before you rush out and buy an one. This is why having an outlet right next to the grill is so nice! Also, when you take the Electric Charcoal Starter out of the coals, it is extremely hot! There is nothing really protecting you from the red-hot coil, so you need to be careful. In addition, make sure you have a safe place to set it after removing it from the coals because it can easily ignite something (it did just light your grill, ya know).

If you are wondering how the Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Starter works, check out this video.