The Claim:

“First thing you notice when you open a jar of Dizzy Pig rub is the fresh aroma. The whole spices and herbs we use are purchased in small quantities to assure freshness, and ground just before bottling. Our recipes are exciting and all of the rubs have their own unique flavor. Not the same rub with slightly different twist, but totally different concoctions so you can find your favorites for each meal.

In addition to fresh ingredients and awesome recipes, Dizzy Pig rubs use superior all natural ingredients and no additives. Gluten-free and No MSG. No anti caking agents. Instead of highly processed white and brown sugars which can burn and become bitter, we use only raw unprocessed “turbinado” sugar. It has a better flavor and a higher burning point. Yep, it’s more expensive, but it is worth it. Only coarse flake kosher salt is used in Dizzy Pig rubs. No iodine, and the flakes have a larger surface area to help build a luscious crust.”

Product Information:
There are a few different Dizzy Pig Rub packages and they come with various eight ounce bottles of seasonings, featuring just about everything in the Dizzy Pig line. You can get Dizzy Dust, Ragin’ River Rub, Raising the Steaks, Cow Lick, Red Eye Express and the rest of the rubs in their product line. You can also purchase single rubs if you have already figured out your tastes. Read more about the Dizzy Pig rub product line here.

Why I Bought My Dizzy Pig Seasonings:
I received a few sample sizes of the Dizzy Pig Rubs when I purchased my Big Green Egg. I received the all-purpose “Dizzy Dust” and the salmon inspired “Raging River.” My first impressions of the seasonings were incredibly positive. I ran out of the Dizzy Dust in no time, because I put it on just about everything. But what really blew me away was the Raging River Rub. This goes absolutely perfect with a nice piece of grilled salmon. I was a Dizzy Pig convert after my first bite of Raging River infused salmon, and I haven’t looked back.

Some people prefer to make their own rubs, and I can understand that because I have made some myself. But why try to reinvent the wheel? I prefer to lean on the expertise and experience of the professionals who have already perfected their product. Using a superb store bought rub like Dizzy Pig saves me time and still gives me the flexibility to use several different (and amazing) rubs depending on what I’m cooking.

What’s Good About Dizzy Pig Seasonings:
Dizzy Pig offers an incredible selection of different rubs! And these aren’t just variations of the same basic BBQ rub, either, these are distinct rubs used for dozens of different purposes. Honestly, there is so much variety in the rubs they offer, I have yet to try them all. But everything I have tried, I have really enjoyed. My absolute favorites are the Raging River (for fish), the Dizzy Dust (for chicken), the Cow Lick (for steak), and the Swamp Venom (for ribs). What is so great about these seasonings is that they are not one-dimensional. I can put Dizzy Dust on almost anything and it will be excellent. The same goes for the Raging River, so I have a great time experimenting with different seasonings in different meals. With all the variety offered by Dizzy Pig, there is no doubt you will find several different rubs to suit your tastes.

What’s Not So Good About Dizzy Pig Seasonings:
There are only two things I dislike about the Dizzy Pig seasonings. The first is price. At around $9 per bottle, these are higher priced than your average BBQ rub. I can rationalize the price, because Dizzy Pig is not an “average” BBQ seasoning (it’s amazing). So if you can afford the slightly higher price, I believe you will be rewarded with a better tasting rub. My second gripe with the Dizzy Pig seasonings is availability. I know they are sold in some retail stores but none are near me, which is very frustrating. So I have to resort to ordering my rubs online, which is not a deal-breaker but it does get annoying (for me at least). I would prefer being able to pick up my rubs at the grocery store while I do the rest of my shopping, but oh well, I will deal with the online ordering for such an amazing product.