Cleaning the Big Green Egg is one thing every owner must occasionally do. Every time you use your grill, the ash falls to the bottom of the Egg and into the holes in the Fire Box, restricting the airflow. Having good airflow is what allows the Big Green Egg to maintain constant temperatures and burn charcoal so efficiently. If you are having trouble getting your Egg to high temperatures for searing steaks or having trouble maintaining constant temperatures over long cooks you may need to clean out your Egg. No, I don’t mean just scraping the ash out of the bottom. I mean take apart the Egg and really clean it. Don’t be scared, it’s not hard at all.

Do NOT use any cleaning products on the ceramic components! Ceramic is a porous material and will absorb water along with the chemicals in a cleaning solution, imparting those chemicals on to your food!

In fact, this “cleaning” doesn’t even involve water at all. So when we say “clean” we actually mean just a good dusting. Let’s get started!

Remove the Unused Charcoal:
First, stir around all the remaining charcoal in your Egg so any ash falls to the bottom. Then take out all the usable charcoal and set it aside. Having a Kick Ash Basket makes this part super easy, and way less dirty.

Remove the Fire Ring, Fire Grate, and Fire Box:
Carefully remove the Fire Ring, Fire Grate, and Fire Box from your Big Green Egg and set them aside. If you drop these pieces they will break. There isn’t a lot of room to grab the Fire Ring, so I have to grab it on the inside surface, which is a little tricky.

Clean the Remaining Ash:
Once the ceramic components are removed, a large pile of ash will remain on the bottom of your Egg. If you have a shop-vac, this would be a great time to use it. Either way, clean the remaining ash from the Egg.

Clean the Fire Box and Grate:
Turn your attention to the Fire Box and Grate that you set aside previously. Just dust them off and make sure all the holes in these components are clear. These holes are critical in the airflow of your Egg so you need to be sure they are clear.

Put it Back Together:
Carefully put all the components back together, replace the unused charcoal, and you’re done! Wasn’t that easy?