The Daisy Wheel is that cast iron contraption that sits on top of your Big Green Egg and allows you to control the airflow in your grill. It doesn’t get a lot of attention, and that’s why you hear so many stories of Daisy Wheels that are hard to rotate or even rusted shut. If you are one of those people who can’t open their Daisy Wheel without a hammer and chisel, read on to learn how to restore your Daisy Wheel to working condition.

Here are the steps for cleaning the Big Green Egg Daisy Wheel:

Scrub with Steel Wool:
The first step is to remove any existing rust from the Daisy Wheel with a good scrub with steel wool, or a steel brush. Removing the rust will allow you to re-season the cast iron Daisy Wheel and restore it to its former glory.

Coat with Oil:
Either brush or spray oil to cover the entire surface, inside and out, of the Daisy Wheel. You can use vegetable oil, olive oil, or whatever. I used a spray can of olive oil, it’s pretty easy to apply.

Season It:
Set the Big Green Egg (or your oven) to 350F, direct or indirect, and cook the Daisy Wheel for about an hour. Remember the Daisy Wheel is cast iron, so just season it the way you would any other cast iron skillet.

Instead of waiting until your Daisy Wheel is rusted and needs to be re-seasoned, take some simple measures each time you cook to ensure it stays in good shape. After each cook, simply store the Daisy Wheel in your Egg. This will season it slightly each time and keep it out of the elements. If you keep your Daisy Wheel on you Egg all the time (instead of the green ceramic hat), make sure you use a good grill cover for when your Big Green Egg is not in use.

Better yet, you can upgrade your rusted old Daisy Wheel for a slick Stainless Steel Chimney Cap! Check out my review here.