For a long time I had been wanting to build a table for my Big Green Egg. It just didn’t sit well with me that such a glorious grill had to sit on my patio in one of the BGE nests. So sad. Not to mention, the standard Big Green Egg “wings” do not provide much space for cooking tools, food, etc. I often found myself just setting things on the ground because I ran out of space next to the Egg. I finally said “enough is enough” and designed my own Big Green Egg table to suit my needs. Here are all the details and instructions to build one of your own! Caution, these plans are for the Large Big Green Egg!

I chose to use concrete blocks for the construction because they are cheap, strong, and readily available. Everything I used in the build was bought at Lowes.

My patio isn’t very level, or else I would have laid the concrete blocks on it. Instead I had to remove the patio blocks and create a level surface underneath. That’s why I needed the paver base and sand. If your patio is level, you won’t need this and your build will be very easy. All you will need to do is build the layers one at time. If you want, you can mortar the layers together in order create a more permanent structure. I decided not to do this. In any case, the weight of the concrete blocks is such that the table is extremely stable without mortar.

Here is the step by step process I used to build my concrete Big Green Egg Table:

Approximate Cost: $150
Approximate Time: 4 hours

Basic Materials & Tools Needed:

  • – 8x8x16 Concrete Blocks (40)
  • – 8x8x8 Concrete Blocks (2)
  • – 25x25x3 Concrete Countertops (2)
  • – 12x12x2 Accent Stones (4)
  • – Paver Base (as needed)
  • – Paver Sand (as needed)
  • – Work Gloves
  • – Standard Construction Level
  • – Tamper
  • – Rubber Hammer

Materials for Optional Back Support

  • – Power Drill with Concrete Bit
  • – 4″ L-Bracket (4)
  • – Concrete screws that fit L-Brackets (4)
  • – Screws & Nuts that fit L-Brackets (4 ea)
  • – Curved Bracket taken from Big Green Egg Nest

Clear the Work Area & Make a Level Base
The overall footprint of the table is about 6ft x 2ft, so you should clear out an area slightly larger than that to give yourself room to work. I removed the patio stones where I wanted the table to go, then poured in the paver base. Using a tamper and level, I tried to get the base as even as possible. Do the same thing with the finer paver sand. Take care during this step! If you don’t have a level foundation you won’t be able to lay the blocks on top of one another.

The First Layer
The first layer requires (12) 8x8x16 blocks and (1) 8x8x8 block. Lay the first layer according to the diagram, making sure each brick is perfectly level. Use a rubber hammer and additional paver sand to make adjustments as needed. This is the most critical and time consuming step. If your first level of blocks is crooked, everything else will be too. So take your time!


The Second Layer
The second layer requires (12) 8x8x16 blocks and (1) 8x8x8 block. Lay the second layer down according to the diagram, making small adjustments as needed with a rubber hammer. Be sure to check that it’s level!


The Third Layer
The third layer requires (8) 8x8x16 blocks. Lay the third layer according to the diagram. Again, don’t rush. Every so often be sure that everything is level.


The Fourth Layer
The fourth layer requires (8) 8x8x16 blocks. Lay the final according to the diagram. Almost done!


Supporting the Egg
You may have noticed that there is no back support for the Egg in this design. If you are okay with that, then you are done! My Egg was a bit wobbly as it sat on the accent stones. I was concerned that I may tip it over accidentally, so I devised a clever support made from the old “wing” parts.

Using (4) 4″ L-Brackets and the curved metal bracket from the Egg wing, I made a support for my Egg. The support is drilled into the concrete blocks, and the curved piece from the old wing rests against the Egg. Now my Egg is completely stable. Take a look.

That’s all there is to it! If you are building a table like this for yourself and have a question, please contact me! Do you have a picture of your own Egg table? Please e-mail it to me: It would be great to be able to post pictures of different Egg tables in order to inspire other Eggheads!