For this cook you’ll need a Vertical Chicken Roaster, Drip Pan, and a Digital Thermometer.

BGE Set Up

Direct with the Vertical Chicken Roaster sitting inside the Drip Pan.

Dome Temp

Cook at a dome temperature of 400 – 425F

The Cook

Grill with the Dome closed until internal temp reads 165F. About 70 – 90 minutes

Big Green Egg Vertical Chicken


  • Whole Chicken
  • Seasoning of Choice


The prep for this cook is pretty straight forward. Rinse off your chicken and pat dry with a paper towel. Rub it with olive oil (or any other oil you prefer), and season to taste. I am still hooked on the Dizzy Pig line, so that’s what I usually use! Once it’s liberally seasoned, leave it loosely covered in your fridge for at least an hour (longer is better, overnight if possible). This will let the salt in your seasoning pull some moisture out of the skin, basically a mini dry brine. The end result will be crispy finger-lickin’ good chicken skin.

The only other trick to this cook is how to put the chicken on your Big Green Egg Vertical Chicken Roaster The best way that I have found is to cook the chicken with the legs up. It cooks a little slower, but the thighs and breast will be done at the same time. So, I usually cut a small slit in by the neck to get the chicken to fit upside-down on the Vertical Roaster. I call this “hand-stand” or “butt up,” and I’ll never cook a chicken any other way. It comes out just perfect.

BGE Configuration

We want to get good color on the skin without scorching the chicken. Set your Big Green Egg to cook Direct, but place the Vertical Chicken Roaster in a small Drip Pan.

The Cook

Stabilize your Dome temp around 400 – 425F. Set the Vertical Chicken Roaster inside a small Drip Pan and place the combo on the grate. Close the dome and grill until your Digital Thermometer reads 165F (you can pull a few degrees earlier and let it finish via carryover). You can open the Egg every 20 minutes or so if you want, just to check on it. It won’t hurt at all, and it’ll give you something to drool over. The process should take a little over an hour, depending on your Dome temp and the size of the bird. So, you have some time to prep the remainder of your meal while the star cooks. Remember, we cook to temperature, not time, so be patient!

Additional Notes

Big Green Egg vertical roasted chicken is such a simple way to enjoy the juiciest, most tender chicken you’ve ever eaten. Chicken is such a versatile food, so you can just change up the seasonings to suit your favorite dish. There really is no limit to variations, so go wild. I have cooked vertical roasted chicken for tacos, curries, traditional Sunday dinners, and of course for backyard barbecues. It’s seriously easy and seriously delicious. Using the Big Green Egg Vertical Chicken Roaster makes sure the bird is cooked evenly throughout. This is the only way I cook my chickens, and now I own two Vertical Roasters (for when I want leftovers)!