For this cook you’ll need any cooking grate and a Digital Thermometer.

BGE Set Up

Direct with the cooking grate on the Fire Ring.

Dome Temp

Cook at a dome temperature of 375 – 400F

The Cook

Grill with the Dome closed until the internal temperature at the breast is 165F, about 60 minutes.


  • Whole Chicken, Spatchcocked
  • Seasoning of Choice


To butterfly the chicken, simply take your kitchen shears and cut along the side of the backbone. For those of you who don’t know much about chicken anatomy, the chicken should be breast-down (with the legs underneath) in order to get at the backbone.

After cutting all the way down one side, simply cut down the other side of the backbone. Remove the backbone, press the bird flat, and viola! you have spatchcocked a chicken!

An important step in prepping the chicken is dry-brining it overnight. Liberally season with your rub of choice (or simply salt) and let the chicken sit loosely covered in the fridge overnight. If you can’t do overnight, let it dry-brine for as long as you can. Dry-brining is the key to crispy skin and tender meat.


BGE Configuration

Spatchcocked chicken is cooked Direct with the cooking grate sitting on the Fire Ring. If you prefer, you can also cook Raised Direct at the felt line.

The Cook

Stabilize the Dome temperature at 375 – 400F, and put the chicken on the Egg bone-side down. Close the Dome and grill until your digital thermometer reads 165F. Make sure to let it rest for a few minutes, but that’s it! This one is pretty simple, but yields excellent results.

Additional Notes

Spatchcock is an old Irish word that means “to butterfly” and simply describes the method of preparing the chicken. Spatchcocking involves cutting out the backbone of the chicken so that it can be pressed flat and cooked, resulting in a shorter cook time and (some say) a better tasting bird. Spatchcocking can be used for any poultry, not just chickens, so don’t be afraid to use this method for turkeys, game hens, or whatever else you can think of.

If the skin is not crispy enough for you using this recipe, you can flip the chicken over for the last 5-10 minutes of the cook to get the skin just how you like it!