The Claim:

“The Plate Setter is used for indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg, providing a barrier between the food and the fire and turning your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. The design of the Plate Setter allows heat to radiate within the dome while preventing the flames and direct heat of the fire from reaching the food. Nothing will contribute greater versatility to your outdoor cooking than adding a Plate Setter to your accessories collection.”

Why I Bought My Big Green Egg Plate Setter:
I have owned the Big Green Egg Plate Setter for as long as I have owned my Egg. My Big Green Egg was a gift from my parents, and they simply included the Plate Setter along with it. According to my folks (also Eggheads), the Plate Setter is one of those Big Green Egg accessories I had to have. 

What’s Good About The Big Green Egg Plate Setter:
I have used it dozens upon dozens of times, and I simply love what it allows me to do. I really don’t consider the Plate Setter to be an accessory, I think it’s a “necessory.” If you want to be able to fully utilize the versatility of your Big Green Egg, you need a Plate Setter. It turns your not-so-ordinary grill into slow-smoker and a brick oven, allowing you to cook things you wouldn’t be able to cook on an ordinary grill. I probably use the Plate Setter about 80% of the time I fire up my Egg, so I get plenty of use out of it. I honestly couldn’t imagine not having a Plate Setter; I wouldn’t be able to cook some of my favorite things. As long as you don’t drop it, it should last a good long while.  

What’s Not So Good About The Big Green Egg Plate Setter:
Now I know alot of people will say they can acheive the same indirect heating effect without purchasing a Plate Setter. Yea, they are right. It’s not so difficult to do, but you’ll need a pizza stone, some fire bricks and maybe some other stuff. Instead of messing around with all that and making sure it’s balanced, etc., I’d rather just set the Plate Setter in the Egg and be done. Some people will also be put off by the price. Yes, it’s a little steep, but the Plate Setter will last a lifetime (if you don’t drop it!) so it is well worth the investment.