Equipment: Plate Setter, Pizza Stone
Set Up: Indirect
Dome Temp: 600F
Cook Time: 10 minutes

Making homemade pizzas is one of my favorite things to cook on the Big Green Egg. The process of making and rolling the dough, spreading the sauce, and adding your toppings is really fun and it makes for a good “date night” or dinner party activity. It also helps that pizza on the Big Green Egg comes out absolutely amazing! You will need a pizza stone and a Plate Setter to create the brick oven environment used in pizzerias. If you don’t have these accessories you can check out my reviews (Pizza Stone Review, Plate Setter Review).

Here’s how I grill Big Green Egg pizzas:

Make the Dough:
There are several pizza dough recipes out there, so I won’t post anything fancy. One piece of advice I do have is to make sure you season the dough with garlic or oregano to give your pizza an extra bit of flavor.

Make the Sauce:
I have the same basic advice for sauce. Make some simple sauce and season it based on your tastes. But make sure you season it! Nothing makes a pizza fall flat like boring sauce.

Roll the Dough:
Make sure the surface you are rolling on is heavily floured, and same goes for the rolling pin. It would be a shame if you prepared a great pizza, only to have it stick to everything it touches. You want to be able to get the pizza from your kitchen on to the Egg easily. Flour and a pizza peel help tremendously.

Add Your Toppings:
This is the second best part (eating the pizza is obviously the best part). Add your sauce and toppings any way you like. In general I try to follow two rules when creating a pizza; keep it simple, and always use sausage! My favorite combination is sausage, green pepper, red onion, jalapenos, and of course lots of cheese.

Preheat Your Pizza Stone:
Set up your Big Green Egg for indirect cooking with the Plate Setter legs facing up. Set your stainless steel grid on top of the Plate Setter, then place the Pizza Stone on top of the grid. Using this configuration allows the Pizza Stone to heat up faster because there is open air all round it (as opposed to simply setting it on the Plate Setter). Get the dome temperature up to 600F, and let the Pizza stone preheat for a good 10 – 15 minutes. It’s important that your pizza stone is hot when you slide your pizza on it. A cold pizza stone won’t cook the dough evenly and the toppings will be done long before the dough.

Cook your Pizza:
Be sure to dust your pizza stone with a little bit of corn meal to prevent the dough from sticking. Cook the pizza for about 10 minutes at 600F. Don’t be afraid to take a quick peek and adjust the cooking time as necessary. Ten minutes is usually enough for my toppings to get cooked and for the dough to crisp up nicely, but your mileage may vary.

I’m always in the mood to hear about your adventures on the Big Green Egg. Let me know how your pizzas turn out! If you have any questions or want to share one of your recipes with me, just drop me a line!