The Claim:

“The Big Green Egg is so versatile and performs so well that you’ll find it easy to serve up the same recipes and dishes you’re used to seeing the top chefs create. And, with our cookbooks at your side, the menu options are unlimited! The beautiful 320-page, hardcover Big Green Egg Cookbook contains extensive color photography and more than 160 delicious recipes that maximize the unique cooking abilities of the Egg.”

Product Information:
The Big Green Egg Cookbook is a 320 page book, with over a 160 recipes and 100 color photographs. The book starts with an introduction section that explains all about your Big Green Egg; the history, what makes it great, how to use it, and some of accessories available to make your Egg truly shine. The book then goes into recipes, divided by category: appetizers, beef & lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetarian, sides, sauces & rubs, baked goods, breakfasts, and desserts. Next there is a section of recipes by Eggheads, and then more recipes by professional chefs and pit masters. The last few pages of the cookbook are typical; conversion tables, acknowledgments, index, etc.

Why I Bought My Big Green Egg Cookbook:
I originally bought a copy of the Big Green Egg Cookbook as a birthday gift for my mom. I was also a brand new Egghead at the time and I was eager to learn as much as I could about my Egg. I flipped through my mom’s copy for a bit and saw several dishes I wanted to learn. I also realized that having this cookbook would be a great reference for later, as it has all the necessary information about cooking configurations and cook times for lots of great dishes. I still use it years later to get ideas for dishes or just to refresh my memory on certain cooks.

What’s Good About The Big Green Egg Cookbook:
My first thought when I opened the Big Green Egg Cookbook was, “there are a lot of recipes in here!” With over 160 recipes every Egghead will find plenty of new and exciting dishes to try. The cookbook is organized into appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, sauces & rubs, and desserts. Each type of protein has its own main dish section (beef, pork, fish, chicken and vegetarian), so it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for. If you feel adventurous, try cooking your way through this cookbook. I bet you’ll discover some amazing dishes you otherwise wouldn’t have cooked (ciopinno, for example). Most (not all) of the recipes are paired with a stunning photograph of the final product, so you can usually see what your dish should look like when it’s all said and done. My favorite part of the cookbook is that it’s easy to read and understand. Each recipe has the necessary ingredients listed, as well as how to set up your Egg, what dome temperature to cook at, and how long to cook.

Aside from all the recipes and pictures, the Big Green Egg Cookbook provides a very detailed introduction to the world of the Big Green Egg. As a brand new Egghead this information is invaluable, and it’s a great source of info to get you started. The cookbook goes over all of the basic information you’ll need to get up and running, as well as some nice history behind the Big Green Egg. I certainly enjoyed reading through the introduction section of the book. But the more I used my Egg, I find I look back on this information less and less. I am very glad, however, it was there when I had no idea how to use my Egg.

What’s Not So Good About The BGE Cookbook:
If you think you are purchasing a BBQ book, please think again. This is a cookbook, with all kinds of recipes! There are only a few barbecue recipes, which is something that took me by surprise considering how awesome the Big Green Egg is at barbecue. Many of the recipes in this book can be cooked in a normal kitchen, but are adapted to the Egg (where they taste better). For me personally, there are several recipes that are just “too fancy” to bother with. I expect people with more culinary skill than me will disagree, so just be mindful of your expectations when purchasing this cookbook.