Equipment: Grid Extender
BGE Set Up: (Raised) Direct
Dome Temp: 300 – 325F
Cook Time: About 50 – 60 minutes (25 – 30 min per side)

Big Green Egg chicken wings are a great addition to any summer barbecue or Sunday tailgate. There are a few different ways you can grill up chicken wings; direct, indirect, high heat, or low heat. I have grilled mine both direct and indirect over low heat (325F). I find both methods work very well, and this recipe is dedicated to the direct method.

I try to keep things simple when grilling and these chicken wings are no exception. I marinade them in a store bought sauce and flip the wings exactly once when they’re on the grill. You can skip the marinade and jazz up your wings with some dry rubs like Dizzy Pig, go right ahead, the cooking method will still be the same.

Here’s how I grill Big Green Egg chicken wings:

One of the great things about chicken wings is that you can buy them frozen and in bulk. Thaw out however many wings you want and marinade them overnight in your sauce of choice. I have been using Frank’s Red Hot Sauce lately, it’s really good! There are tons of store bought sauces you can marinade in, so feel free to experiment. If you like your wings dry, skip the marinade and just season the wings before you put them on the grill.

Grill Set Up:
Set up your Big Green Egg for direct cooking with the dome temperature no higher than 325F. If you haven’t calibrated your dome thermometer, now would be a good time. The dome thermometer has been known to be off by as much as 75F! You can easily ruin your wings if you’re cooking hotter than you think, because we only flip these wings once. And remember to oil your cooking surface! I know this is obvious, but I forgot one time and several of my wings got stuck to the grill. Don’t make the same mistake! If you have a raised grid, this is a good time to use it. Having the wings on the raised grid will keep them from charring. If you don’t have a raised grid, that’s okay, you just need to keep a closer eye on the wings. I made my own raised grid, and you can too!

The Cook:
Grill for 25 – 30 minutes, then flip and grill for another 25 – 30 minutes. Don’t be afraid to adjust the cooking times slightly based on your experience or taste. When you are grilling direct, keep in mind the wings that are directly over the fire (as opposed to the ones around the edges of the grill) may cook faster. This is why the cooking temperature is relatively low; some folks grill their wings at 400F or higher. When you flip the wings, you may want to move them from the center of the grill to the edge and vice versa. This is one drawback of cooking the wings direct; you have to pay attention to the hot spots on the grill. I prefer my wings served “dry” rather than with the sauce already applied, but I know everyone’s tastes differ. So if you like your wings “wet,” you can take the last 5 minutes of grilling time and baste the wings with your sauce of choice.

Serve & Enjoy:
After 50 – 60 minutes of grilling the chicken wings should be done. Let them rest for a few minutes, because these suckers will be hot! Serve with your favorite dip (mine is ranch) and an ice cold beer. Enjoy some Big Green Egg chicken wings, and be sure to have lots of napkins handy!

Have you tried this cooking method? Let me know how your wings turned out, or if you have a better way to cook chicken wings on the Big Green Egg!